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    I have a Treo 270 and love the device. I have installed GPRS and used it with the MTN network in South Africa and it works great.
    I have two questions. Firstly does anybody know if the Treo supports High Speed Data Access. and secondly I need to connect the Treo to my notebook via IRDA when I travel. I beleive it cant be done and you need some software called Wireless modem which is no longer in production. I nned to connect not to sync which I do but to use the device as a modem. I did contact the company that made it and they say if I have the Demo version I can register it without support for $25.00 a price I dont mind paying as I have to now travel with my Treo and my Nokia 6310 which is crazy.
    If somebody has a demo version please let me know.


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    try this website:

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