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    Carefully following instructions on TreoCentral and this message board has resulted in GPRS access on Microcell. Blazer doesn't seem much faster, but that's probably because of the proxy server pages have to go through.

    Haven't tested voice vs. data yet, but one nice bug fix -- my Treo no longer thinks it's roaming on my home network!
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    I'm curious about your Proxy comment. I am also on Fido running GPRS but don't currently have a proxy server setup for Blazer. Is there any advantage to using a proxy server (surfing seems fine to me so far)?

    I did have problems sending email with Snappermail until I got the SMTP setting from Fido techsupport!
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    I thought all pages went through a Handspring proxy server to get reformatted for the Treo's screen. I found a quote supporting this:

    Blazer is able to display standard HTML pages on the mobile screen by means of a proxy server; which means a separate server does the work of retrieving the selected page on behalf of the user and provides a specially formatted version of the page to the user's device. According to information appearing on the Handspring Web site, "The proxy server strips out unnecessary and unsupported content, adapts it to fit the handheld screen, and reduces the size of images." Among the unnecessary and unsupported content to be stripped are components that require a media plugin such as streaming video and audio, as well as Java, JavaScript, FTP, or file downloads. The proxy server, which cannot be bypassed, may also block the user's access to their corporate intranet (or any other site that runs behind a corporate firewall).

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    Have you tried Fido's proxy at I wasn't able to get it working from my Treo but this may be caused by conflicts with Blazer or Blazer's proxy.

    I also tried and saw some speed improvements but some of the pages were mangled.

    The Xiino browser does seem faster than Blazer but, once again, several pages didn't come through properly.

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