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    I was all set to run the GPRS 1.1 upgrade on my Treo 180, but ran into a problem. I am currently running Mac OS 10.2, and have fully updated my Palm Desktop to v4.0 and HotSync Manager to v3.0. All of this works great with my Treo. Of note, when I got my Treo, I was still running Mac OS 9.x, and thus could run the Treo installer app to do the initial configuration. I have downloaded the Handspring GPRS updater, and when it is installed and launched, it runs in Classic. All of my current Palm files have been configured for Palm 4.0 and OS X. When the GPRS updater begins, it says that it cannot find the proper Palm user files and I get stuck in a loop. In any event, if the Updater needs to HotSync, I'm concerned that it won't work from Classic to OS X. Is there a 'manual' way to select and install the Updater files with a 'regular' HotSync under HotSync 3.0 in OS X, execute the files on the Treo to flash the ROM, then reset the Treo and reHotSync to reinstall my backed up settings/apps/etc??? I would appreciate any advice from Mac OS X/Treo users who have solved this problem. Thanks in advance.
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    Has anyone running Mac OS 10.x been able to do this upgrade?? I would appreciate any hints so I can do the install. Thanks.
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    No problem. Look in the handspring folder (that was created by the updater) and look in the install folder (I think that is where they are - I have since deleted all the folders/files). In th einstall folder there should be a bunch of .prc files. The only one's you need are the CarrierSettings.pdb, CarrierList.pdb, CarrierBranding.pdb, GPRSUpdater.prc, and the ROM Updater.prc you will also need the CurrentCarrier.PDB (which you can down load from the TreoCentral GPRS article).

    Backup your back-up file as described in the article. empty the back-up folder and place the above files inside. Do a hard reset of your Treo. Sync your Treo. Follow the instructions on your Treo's screen. Place files from back-up (of your back-up) back into the back-up folder and sync again.

    that's it.
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    Many thanks--I'll give it a shot this weekend.
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    Just to check, there seem to be multiple copies of the same files with different extensions. Are these different languages? Can I only install the ones that seem appropriate for me? Also, there is an Expense file as well. Is this a new install done at the same time as the upgrade?
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    Just install the ones listed above.
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    Just wanted to thank Jackson40 and the others for their help and info. Did the upgrade with some fear and trepidation, all went fine on 2 Treo 180s (still waiting for Cingular to provision GPRS). A couple of tips:

    1) Time--give yourself LOTS of time to do this update. The ROM flash takes about 10-15 minutes, but the full restore of my Treo 180 (with 12 Megs of files/apps) took about 30-45 minutes).

    2) Backup, Backup, Backup--just be sure that you do a full backup of your Backup folder after you do your pre-upgrade Hot Sync.

    3) Review your apps--this is the time to check out all apps/hacks, especially old long forgotten ones. Some of these will cause havoc with your Treo. Some are no longer needed (like Buttons-T). I found a few still in my Backup folder but no longer on my Treo (I had previously deleted them, but they stayed around in the Backup folder). These can get reinstalled after a hard reset and HotSync.

    4) Check Conduit Settings before running the update--I cleared my Backup folder, moved the key GPRS update files in, then I went to my Conduit Settings in HotSync and set my Address Book, Date Book, Note Pad etc to Do Nothing. I did not want to waste time having the intital update HotSync reinstall this stuff.

    5) Hard Reset before doing the update--this helps clear out memory, and removes any apps which might interefere with the radio (like TreoTools).

    6) Check the Backup set before doing the final HotSync- If you do the update manually, as I did, when you copy back your backup files into your Backup folder (to restore your Treo), be sure to delete the GPRS Updater and ROM Updater files. If you leave these behind, and HotSync, your Treo will try to run the update all over again.

    7) Check your Conduits again--before restoring your Treo, reset your Conduit Settings again, so that your Mac overrides your Treo for your Phone Book, Date Book, etc.

    8) There are some new settings for your Network to make things work. I had to do some hunting and experimenting to find the Wireless Internet and Wireless Internet Express settings.

    9) Browser--in my case, the 'default' Blazer was replaced by a proprietary Cingular version (in ROM), which forces me to the Cingular home page. No biggie, just irritating.

    10) One Touch e-mail--if you use One-Touch, for some reason all of the JP Mobile files don't get backed up and reinstalled. Go to your original JP Mobile folder (in your Palm folder with install stuff that you had with your Treo when you did your intital configure) and find the 6 or so OTMail files, including the Plug-in. Just reinstall them on a HotSync, and your OneTouch mail should work fine (yes, your personal settings do remain and are restored on Backup/HotSync).

    Good luck--and thanks to all here at Treocentral.
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    Just a brief update--1 hour after calling Cingular to activate Wireless Internet Express, I am provisioned and all is well.

    A few additional hints:

    Blazer--if you set up Blazer to automatically disconnect you upon exiting (as I had previously done when I was using Wireless Internet dial-up), be sure to go into your Preferences and Settings and click this off.

    One Touch Mail--same idea--I had this set up to disconnect after sending/receiving mail (though it never seemed to work right), so I just unchecked the option so that in theory I would remain connected.

    Now we'll see how many KB of data I can burn through.

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