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    Originally posted by nzmoko

    Go to Network Preferences and simply select your old dialup service from the SERVICE list (it should still be there). If it's not in the list, just create a new profile under Options/New on the menu and enter your old parameters.
    Then (as previously explained by another member), you can just switch between the two.
    I did do that from the start - thanks for trying to help though.

    If i try to connect, it lets me know that it's trying to establish a connection, pressing dwn reveals that it is dialing the right number. then nothing happens.

    Any more ideas?

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    c next thread i published
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    Ok, I spoke to someone senior at HandSpring and here is the story.
    Apparently there was a batch of devices that was made that incorrectly "locked" the ROM such that it cannot be upgraded. This was a mistake, and not Handsprings' intention, and they
    will replace all units that have this error with ones that can be upgraded as promised.

    so if you try to install the GPRS upgrade and you get error=0x8004 your hardware it ROM-FLASH-LOCKED and you need it replaced, call handspring whereever you are and they will take care of you.
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