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    Other than surfing speeds, what are some other cool things to do with a Treo w/ GPRS. Things like

    IM'ing w/ MSN Messenger Force

    what else am I missing?
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    FTP (LFtp)
    Y! IM
    PalmVNC (pretty cool... but probably "tons of" Kb and thus money)

    I found out that most of the time (GPRS time) I check my emails (personal+corp), check new posts on TreoCentral (thanks to the good Treo formatted portal they have) and check my frequent flyer status elite every few minutes

    That's a good question... what are you guys doing with GPRS?
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    Well, after having GPRS for only 1 day, I immediately installed AIM and it works awesome. I am also trying to find all the cool wap sites to surf with Blazer. I want to try FTP and other things. What other core apps are there? Like Ping, tracert, etc? Or are we isolated behind the T-Mobile firewalls and can't do that sort of thing?
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    I use StockManager that updates my portefolio in seconds with GPRS.
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    I was surfing around and found Mergic VPN. It allows me to connect to my company's external VPN connection and thus letting me VNC into workstations in the company.

    It's pretty neat.
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    Can you tell me how you configured the Merick VPN? I've installed it and I'm trying to figure out exactly what I need to do. I have a "Wireless Internet Express" connection (GPRS) already created. I can't figure out how to get the VPN to use it.

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