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    So finally I get GPRS in the SF area with the 1.1 patch! I've also noticed that my signal strength seems to be higher with 1.1 than it was with 1.0. 1.0 seemed to have lowered by signal strength.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Well, I've noticed Cingular has improved their signal range. I'm finally able to get signal at home and other places I normaly wouldn't have been able a couple of months ago. (It's not just on my treo, but with other phones)
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    weird, I noticed this too.

    I did get a letter from CIngular a while ago saying they were spending a billion dollars to upgrade the LA market, and my neighborhood was one of the ones listed in the upgeaded areas.

    So, I have no idea if the service got better or the patch boosted my signal strength.

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    I did notice a slight change in the reading at my cube. I haven't determined if its a usable signal yet. Maybe the reading is higher, but the signal is no better.


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