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    while updateing I ran into a problem: the device was caught in an Update loop. After the Updater did what it had to do the HotSync after the hard reset brought back the Update files which where executed automatically resulting in yet another Update cycle.

    To escape this trap I deleted the Update files in my Backup folder. After another HotSync the process was stopped.

    I suspect an unregistered version of BackUpBuddy to be the problem. The trial version ran out three days ago which I noticed today and I didn't deinstall it. My guess is that it does something to the backup process preventing the HotSync to do what it has to do.

    My advice is to deinstall any unlicensed BackUpBuddys. Because my trial version ran out I can't tell if this problem will persist with a registered version.

    On a side note: the GPRS patch works with Germany's O2 though I couldn't test the speed due to GPRS not being activated for me, yet...

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    Now in beta testing: treopolis 2.0
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    I have my registered backupbuddy installed and while it did not interfere in anyway, I am now having a backup fail problem which I am waiting for bluenomad to get back to me on. I have detailed this problem in another thread...

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