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    Hi, I successfully updated my Treo 270 from GRPS 1.0 to GPRS 1.1.

    After the update my treo, with the lid closed, keeps turning itself on and off in periods of 50 seconds. After I close the lid it turns the display off, then after 50 seconds it turns on, and after 50 more seconds off, and so on...

    Did anyone noticed this behavior?

    I'm in Portugal and my provider is Vodafone, and GPRS is activated and functioning properly.
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    Do you use TreoAlertMgr? 50 seconds is the default ring interval.

    My 270's screen blinks briefly every 1-2 minutes when at rest. Not sure why.
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    after hours of testing and resetting my device i found out that the SMS messages that i had in my device were the cause of the problem...

    i deleted them and the device is fine now...
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    I have the same problem! Upgrated from 1. to 1.1 and it keeps going on and off.

    Did you find any way to save your SMS messages externally to be available for late use?
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    After upgrading, the Treo turned its self on and off with the flap closed, I also had a problem that when pressing the phone button it opened the contacts and I could not get to the phone. I did reset the button assignments. The caller history has also been removed from the screen shortcuts and now is only avail from the menu.
    I have gone back to the previous GPRS release.

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    The History has been officially removed from handspring because, aparrently a lot of people complained that there were too many options there!
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    You can at least copy & paste the SMS messages that you need to the memo pad and then delete them from the sms program...

    Handspring should have a counduit for the sms program and the speed dial.
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    It seems that the problem is the Pending Folder in the SMS section. It needs to be empty.

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