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    With all the good news on this list, I couldn't wait longer. I took the plunge tonight. I set up internet express with cingular last week did the 1.1 upgrade just now.

    Thanks everyone for posting your results. The process takes a long time and one just has to wait it out. At least I knew what I was getting into.

    Everything works great. IMHO it is about 2-3 times faster than the wireless modem during data transfer. The "always on" aspect of it saves some time also, as the phone doesn't have to log into the network every time you use the data pipe.

    If anyone figures a way to monitor the GPRS data transfer please post it to this list. I have to be careful that I don't go above my 1MB!!! What a joke.

    I'm stoked. I just hope Cingular brings the price plans down in cost a little.

    Did I mention I'm stoked?

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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    Well I just called Cingular to add wireless internet express to my account before I started upgrade procedure and they told me that they can't add it because the treo does not support it.....
    Okay .. whatever... how did you guys get it added to your account?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hey Greg,
    When I called to add it to my phone I got that question as well. I told them that I purchased the 270 in Canada where it is already GPRS enabled and that I understood that they didn't support the phone but that I knew what I was doing and could take care of it myself...then they added without hesitation.

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    Thanks for the info, I just called back until I got someone that would help me out.
    I'm all set and up and running now!

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    Now that I have the GPRS up and running I have noticed on the speed dial/keypad screens at the top where it says "Cingular Wireless" as the carrier. If I'm in an area where I loose signal and it switches to "No Service", next to it it now says "SOS Only".
    Anybody know what SOS only is?
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    Maybe help or emergency. Like, you can use any cell phone no matter whether it has a SIM in it or not for dialing 911 or help. I don't know why it only shows up when you don't have a signal. Doesn't really make sense. I noticed it when I upgraded to 1.1 as well.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Thanks, that probably makes the most sense.
    I didn't even think about that!
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    How can the Treo dial an SOS number (911) if there is no signal? Unless it means that the Treo can see the signal of another GSM provider that could be used for a 911 call.
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    That makes sense. That's probably it because when it happens it says no signal then like a second or so later it will say SOS Only. I know where I live AT&T has GSM as well. Good point. Thanks.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Are you guys able to use both GPRS or regular dial up CSD connections for my wireless window? Since the upgrade, GPRS works great but I can no longer do regular dial up to "my wireless window".
    If I go to prefs, network and select wireless internet and than try to connect it says "connecting to wireless internet" than it says that I do not have a data subscription.


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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    Are you guys able to use both GPRS or regular dial up CSD connections for my wireless window? Since the upgrade, GPRS works great but I can no longer do regular dial up to "my wireless window".
    If I go to prefs, network and select wireless internet and than try to connect it says "connecting to wireless internet" than it says that I do not have a data subscription.
    I have that same problem but I haven't had time to call Cingular to fix whatever has gone bad.

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    Got it fixed!!
    Had to call Cingular, they didn't add the dial up number to my account so that I can access "wireless windows" via CSD connection.
    Now both GPRS and dial up work!!
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    Cool - works fine with Cingular. so far so good......

    Nevertheless my OneTouch email program now let's me only send mails. Whenever I want to receice one (Send/receive) it forces me to RESET the Treo because of an error.
    Something seems to be wrong there. Or does Handspring want to force TreoMail down our throat ???????????????????

    Also, this thought:
    Instead of a free selection and options in the Network settings we now only have 2: Express or Regular
    What about when I go to Europe or wherever.....?
    I will probably not be able to set it to a local provider ????
    Is that a Provider Lock through the back door ?
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    Well, I did the upgrade, and no major problems. Everything works.

    However, all-in-all, this has not made my treo what I thought it could be, nor what I know it could be. So I'm a bit disappointed post upgrade (a major downer after a 6 month wait for my wireless 'platform' to get always-on features)

    I always thought that with GPRS I'd get 'always-on' connectivity, primarily for e-mail access. I'm a former blackberry user, I don't mind paying reasonable per/kb fees, and I do accept the loss of some e-mail ease-of-use in exchange for integrated cell phone functions.

    But the sad reality is that TreoMail is not "GPRS aware", and as a result there is only minimal improvement over what I had with CSD, and there is lots of incentive to stay on CSD.

    At best the mail client polls once every 30 minutes. Further, when it connects to server, it goes through a setup phase and 'send mail' phase, even though the outbox is empty! then it attempts to fetch messages, and finally it does a lengthy cleanup.

    For GPRS to make sense the mail-client should poll every 5 or 10 minutes at worst, and every 2 minutes at best. It should also not do all these convoluted handshakes when there's nothing to transmit and nothing to pull off the server. The protocol TreoMail is using seems sooo heavy, I'm sure it is hoging KBs for no good reason.

    Does anyone have an e-mail application that is GPRS aware, and is smart enough to make use of an always-on network?

    I'd hate for this to be the end of the journey...
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    Since GPRS on the Treo hasn't officially released in the US and that GPRS is still fairly new to Palm devices there are still a lot of things we haven't seen yet.

    I'm sure Handspring will come out with a new version of Treo Mail to support GPRS.

    I'm just hoping that Cingular lowers their per kb cost! It's sort of ridiculous.
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    I read somewhere recently, sorry I don't remember where, that Handspring is doing a complete revision to their TreoMail software and is supposed to be out by November"ish".
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    my upgrade seems to work fine. I did have one freeze / crash since doing the upgrade, but since doing a soft reset I havent had any problems (been 2 days).

    I too will have to wait for an updated TreoMail app. I cant use other mail apps (unless you have suggestions) because treo mail goes through my corporate firewall and lets me grab my Exchange / Outlook mail remotely.

    November you say? Does anyone have a link to that article on the new TreoMail? If not how about other mail suggestions for firewall / exchange support?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This seems to work similar to Treo Mail and has more features.

    I've used it a little bit, and appears to work okay.

    I mainly use Eudora Mail since I just check pop accounts and not Exchange.
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