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    Telstra users,

    Some news...

    1. The GPRS v1.1 upgrade improves GPRS reliability on the Telstra network. So far I am seeing fewer problems than the previous (beta) GPRS v1.0 release. I still occasionally suffer from connection dropouts (eg. Blazer) but a few minutes later it works... there is less of a need for disabling then reenabling the wireless module and reconnecting. Telstra say that this is because of cell congestion (ie no available channels). Not sure I believe this but I'll see how it goes over the next few days.

    2. My first free month is about to run out so I'll need to switch to a plan. The $5 monthly plan looks like a start - no session fees. What are other Telstra users doing?

    NB Telstra is confused as to whether the Treo is Telstra approved for GPRS. Earlier today one person at Telstra Wireless Data told me that it is - and later another person categorically stated it isn't. I'm therefore assuming it isn't...

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    1) Agree. It seems the new patch much more stable. I did "Half
    day Trial" during Bus hours from N. Ryde to Macarthus (Syd S. West) and connection stayed on.

    I don't know yet if the "Network Search" capability of Treo is improved. Noticed I was much much slower to find the Network
    compared to Nokia or Ericsson devices.

    We... wait and see the Australian GPRS version which will be released by HS in the future.

    2)I'm on "Pay as you go" plan. It all depends what you want to do with GPRS. In my opinion, the price is not attractive to browse
    the Net via GPRS - down under.


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