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    Hellooo all
    What is new in the late3st GPRS Update 1.1 Vs 1.0 Vs Non-GPRS ????

    Everything else than the GPRS connection!!!!

    Thanks a lot in advance,,,
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    Ditto on the question. As Rogers in Canada already has 1.0, is there any reason to uprade to 1.1?
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    Seems to be some changes. I can't judge yet if they are worth the effort, but stability was definitely a problem with the 1.0 version.

    Some of the changes I saw:
    - new Version of several apps:
    - OS version 3.5.2H5.6
    - Blazer 2.1.3
    - GSM Library 1.7.0
    - HandspringNetManager 0.001 (didn't see this before)
    - HandspringNetPre... 0.001 (ditto)

    - The Phone app no longer displays the call list as before. You have to go through the menu under options

    It will really be a question of stability, so only time will tell...

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