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    I have a cable modem with a fix IP at home is it possible to make a LAN HOTSYNC over the GPRS Connection?
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    In theory, yes. You'd enable network in your HotSync (settings, if I recall rightly), and from your Treo, enter your PC's fixed IP address. I no longer have the Treo that was with me for review so I don't know exactly where to do that.

    I say "in theory" because I never got it working, not with the Treo and not with my Visor De Luxe. I think the error was a refused connection but I don't exactly remember at the moment. I'm sure I had all the right settings. Could've been my respective providers' networks timing out, or it could've been my Internet provider blocking the port.
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    What ports does the network hotsync use as my firewall will block all inbound traffic unless I specify the ports required.

    Paul Upton
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    Yummy, Network Hotsync at 28.8kbps...


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