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    I'm in NYC and already have Voicestream (and use GPRS on my t68i). I'm going to move the SIM over to the Treo 270. What else do I need to do to get GPRS up and running?
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    theres probably a couple hundred posts on this subject!!!!!

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    If your Treo is already GPRS upgrade, it'll auto detecte the GPRS service. You'll find a triangle in the singal symbol. Or you can pull down the menu of Phone Book mode then Phone Info to see it's upgrade or not.
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    No triangle - what now?
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    Where did you get it from and what makes you think it is GPRS ready? If you bought it from Handspring it is not.

    If want to install the upgrade, not supported by Handspring, do some searching on the boards. There is even an article written by Treocentral staff.

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