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    has anyone observed Treo power consmumption while using GPRS.

    Namely, you pay only the data transmitted so it is appealing to stay online all the time. Only problem, I could see is battery usage.

    Any experince ?


    ps. any hint how to meassure actual bandwith while using GPRS ?
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    I've been using GPRS for a few weeks now. I haven't noticed any significant difference in battery life with a Treo 180 that is connected from 8am to 11pm. I still get about 2 days in standby mode.
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    Browsing does reduce battery life. Browsed for hours on end -- hey, GPRS is still on free trial, and GPRS-on-Palm was a new experience -- and found low-batt warnings after 24hrs. Maybe Handspring should quote, in addition to talk and standby times, browsing times.

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    Someone I talked to in the industry told me always on GPRS uses about 30% more power when in an idle state.

    My experiences with my Treo has been really impressive. I been emailing and browsing all day without having any problems with battery life. Compare that to my laptop which would last 2 hours with a constant dialup connection running on TWO batteries side by side. (it lasts 5 hrs when offline)
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