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    After the GPRS update, the Treo comes preconfigured for T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile VPN. In case anyone's curious, you can create a new connection that will do the same as these...

    Service: WhateverYouWant
    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: Not Needed
    Password: Not Needed
    for T-Mobile Internet:
    for T-Mobile VPN:

    I'm trying to figure out a way to use WirelessModem and get a GPRS connection on my laptop. I set it up to dial *99***1# (you can find this by hitting page down on the Treo while it says "Connecting" when you try to sign on to GPRS with the Treo), and it connects.

    It was working yesterday, but now the Treo says my APN isn't set correctly when I try to do it with my laptop. Then again, my GPRS connection now seems a whole more stable on the Treo than it did yesterday. Don't know how to get the laptop to send the APN.... will post more if I figure anything out.
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    Well, I've gotten it working.

    Basically, you just have to add an init string that looks something like this:


    My chatscript looks like this, if you care
    "" ATZ
    OK at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""
    OK ATDT*99***1#
    CONNECT \d\c
    Use if you use T-Mobile Internet instead of T-Mobile VPN.

    Unfortunately, the roundtrip latency is too high (I get ping times of about 1 second to anywhere), so it's pretty much unusable for most things you'd want to do from a computer. Also, it's way too expensive on T-Mobile for it to be terribly useful to me from a computer right now, too. $4/MB at the cheapest on T-Mobile.
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    I have done the GPRS upgrade but don't see GPRS is connection methods on Prefs->Connection
    However, I do see GPRS under Connection of Network,

    Is this correct, or did i miss any step?

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