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    I have both a T-Mobile and a A, T & T Wireless account and therefore 2 SIM cards. I have no problem connecting to the Internet using dialup on T-Mobile but have never been able to have a dialup Internet connection on A T & T on my Treo 270.

    My question is has anyone connected to a dialup Internet using A T & T Wireless? If so are there any special settings? I would love to only have the A T & T account and cancel T-Mobile but only if I can connect to the dialup Internet. I like dialup better because I have unlimited night and weekends with both services. Thanks for any help.

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    I have the same problem when I place an AT&T SIM card from a Siemens S46 phone into my Treo 270. I asked AT&T Customer Service if GSM had to be data enabled for use of a dial up modem, and their network specialist said it should work fine.

    Any "fix" would be most welcome.
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    I spent several weeks going through the motions that you are. There is no way to get dial up working with AT&T. Their CSR's, as well as those from Handspring will each tell you a different story, but the bottom line is that it does not work. Once I installed the GPRS patch however, both the GPRS and dialup work just fine with AT&T. It has something to do with the fact that with the AT&T SIM card, ONLY a unit with a GPRS radio signal will be able to connect via their network.

    The 1.0 (slightly risky) version is available from this board, or you can wait for 1.1, which apparently should be here in a couple of weeks. Since I installed the patch on mine I have not had a sinlge problem.

    The only other provisor is using an ISP (for dialup that is) which supports PDA's (such as Phreego at $7.95 per month). In my case though with GPRS I have lost the interest in dialup.

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