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    I've downloaded the upgrade for GPRS from the link within the "Unofficial Guide to GPRS".

    No problem with OS upgrade, but I haven't succeded to setup all the informations about GPRS connection.

    Has anybody tried the same in Italy with Omnitel ?

    With TIM ?
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    I succeeded in doing the GPRS upgrade of my Treo 270 and it works great with Omnitel! I've had some crashes when using heavy bandwidth apps like PalmVNC, but otherwise no problems (tocca legno)..

    Here's what you need to do..
    1. Once the GPRS upgrade process is complete, go to Preferences --> Network.
    2. Create a new connection (:menu:N)
    3. Enter your service name (like Vodafone Italia GPRS) and fill in the following fields:
    Connection: GPRS
    Username: leave blank
    Password: leave blank

    Click Connect and you should be on your way! Let me know if this works for you!

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    Thank you, I too had succeded at last: the initial problems were due only to some problems with Omnitel that hadn't immediately succeedetd to enable my card to GPRS.

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