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    Anyone know how this works? For example, when I take my Rogers Treo to the US, I can make voice calls on the AT&T network. Will the same thing now happen for GPRS? I suspect it is more complicated than that.
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    As far as know, GPRS romaing depends on the GSM provider. In the UK, Vodafone has different roaming agreements with other providers.
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    I had an interesting experience trying international GPRS roaming in the UK last week. I am a T-mobile customer in the US and have GPRS service. In the UK, I tried roaming on the 02 network using both my T-mobile SIM and an O2 prepaid SIM that I often use on trips to the UK.

    First the good news. It seems that the Treo GPRS patch contains connection details for a large number of GSM carriers around the world. As soon as my phone registered on the 02 network I found that 02 network settings for both ISDN and GPRS connections "appeared" in my network preferences.

    Now the bad news. While my phone attemted to establish a GPRS connection, using both the T-mobile SIM and the 02 SIM, in neither case did it get past the "singing in" stage. I believe this is because neither SIM gave me GPRS access on the 02 network. Both SIMs did, however, give me voice and ISDN data access (though 02 only lets you use this for WAP traffic). I did not have sufficient time in the UK to contact O2 customer service to see if the GPRS situation could be fixed.

    I understand that GPRS roaming may be available to T-mobile customers in the US on the T-mobile network in the UK. Sadly this does not work for Treo owners because the T-mobile network in the UK is 1800MHz.
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    Fido GPRS roams well in NYC on T-Mobile. However, it did not work several weeks ago in LA (Cingular).
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    i just updraded to GPRS from rogers last week and am down in chicago right now typing this message on my treo w/ GPRS. Its working great only with occational 'dropout' 2-3 time over 24 h where I need to sign back on. Rogers customers service told me before I left that it' not possible to connect. wrt pricing, I let you know when I get the bill. cheers. ray
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    I have a Fido Sim and a Cingular Sim. Apparently, Fido has GPRS agreements signed with everyone exceptr for Cingular in California. I'm in the same boat and learned this from another thread a few weeks back. It's a political thing and not a technical issue.

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    I know that AT&T US has a roaming agreement with Rogers for Canada, so I cannot imagine why the same is not true for the reverse.
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    Just came back from Canada (Montreal) where my T-mobile SIM roamed seamlessly over the Fido network.
    I was still able to use the T-Mobile GPRS connection (a new Fido connection did not show up but the t-mobile one worked well)

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