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    I just wanted to share.... AT&T had been charging me for data usage when my data was turned off and wifi was on and even at times my phone was off with the battery out. Anyways I complained for months and finally filed a BBB complaint.... they initially said I was wrong... and the charges were justified.... finally I got a call from a high level engineer who told me certain Palm and iPhone customers have been affected by an ongoing issue where they are incurred data charges that they did not use.... specfically the lady Ms. Santogato said that even several AT&T employees had been affected... she applied credits for 4 months of data overages and told me she would make a note to my account and make a internal case that her group would track so that until the issue is resolved I would get a credit every month.

    Unfortunately when AT&T corporate responded to my BBB complaint they failed to mention any of the above to the BBB and so I rejected their response and asked them to verify my claims and that the issue was ongoing and they declined to provide a further response to the BBB .... I am not the only palm owner who has been affected by this... if you look on the AT&T Corporate Forums under the Palm device section other customers have had the same issue where they too were showing data usage at times their phone was on wifi or shut off.

    Anyways I suggest all AT&T palm customers carefully review their bills and perhaps even test their phone to see if they are affected... just disable data usage during the night and then look at your next bill.... if data usage occurs then you got a issue and should talk to AT&T about a credit.
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    I'm having the same issue with my wife's Pre. I spoke with a customer service rep and they said they would call me back about 5 days later. I thought this was odd of course! They did do as they promised and called me back later. I first talked to someone who seemed to be in customer service and didn't seem to understand what I was saying. She then transferred me to someone in technical support who tried to explain to me that I was just using more data than I thought. Long story short, he never backed off of this claim. Right now I'm sitting at about 1gb of data use on a phone that is barely used. For comparison, my windows phone 7 which is used daily is only at 200mb of use for the same time period.
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    I think there was just a big deal exposed where they had a similar problem with iPhone users. You should probably spend some quality time with and see if you can find more info about this.

    And if you can show them a bill for time when you can prove your phone was off, that's something for small claims court. Did you get contact info from that engineer?

    And next time you call customer service, ask them to connect you to the person that is authorized to tell you they don't want your business. When I switched my wife from AT&T it was specifically because of continuous billing issues.
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    The reason why you get invalid data charges is because when you bought a phone from AT&T, cellular/packet data is already enabled. So even if youre connected to WiFi, when youre out of range/WiFi connection gets low or disconnected, you'll be automatically connected to AT&T network without you knowing it. Make sure you turn off the data when not in use because also automatic updates from apps specially from smartphones will eat up your data.

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