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    I was just messing around today and stumbled upon some fixes in Cingular's GPRS configurations.

    I successfully connected using their automatically assigned DNS servers. So, they are definitely working on something. I found this out because my previously working connection would connect to the network, but would not allow browsing through Blazer this morning. I checked the Query DNS box and tried again.

    Everything worked!

    Here is my GPRS configuration:

    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: my wireless window login name
    Password: my wireless window password

    Under details...advanced...
    IP Address: Automatic
    Query DNS: checked

    I hope this helps someone get theirs working.

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    I agree. I think they have fixed a bunch of stuff. My triangle is more consitent now than when I first installed the patch. This is a good sign. I hope ver. 1.1 will come out in the next 10-14 days like that guy said.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Still the same on the westside... However I did notice that connecting to the WAP GPRS connection I;m able to get DNS lookups for outside URIs ( But pining outside IPs is a no-go.

    so that's a good sign that something is improving.

    As for connecting to ISP.CINGULAR with "Query DNS" it stopped telling me that I'm not signed up for GPRS!!! But it doesn't sign on. Something is timing out during Sign On and then the connection automatically cancels.

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