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    Anyone know if the GPRS upgrade will work with any of the Aussie carriers (i.e. Telstra, Optus, Vodafone)?
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    I have it working with Telstra - although it isn't too reliable. The main problems (as I wrote elsewhere) are connection errors and dropouts. When you activate GPRS with Telstra don't mention the Treo - you need to pretend you're using an approved handset. And of course this means zero support from Telstra...

    As for Optus & Vodafone - who knows...

    The real risk is the upgrade itself - the failure rate seems a little high for what is essentially a dual firmware upgrade (Treo + Wismo).

    Local distributor Brightpoint said four weeks from last week for the v1.1 upgrade but I suspect late October may be realistic...

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    Hi There,

    I have done the upgrade on my treo 270, and got it working with Optus. Seems to work without a problem, but just check your settings with Optus. Their web site is not too helpful.

    For the upgrade: My suggestion is to do a hard reset and install the upgrade as a completely new user. I have found quite a few programs that will interfere with it.


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