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    Hey there,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a Treo 180 with the new T-Mobile hotspots (which supposedly boast around T1 speed!), or is that just for laptops with special wireless cards?

    The service is pretty enticing; 29.95 a month for 500 megs locally! See

    - Adam
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    Unfortunately no. They use a standard called Wi-Fi 802.11b which is not supported by our Treos.
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    And yeah, I should've realized that -- with no expansion slot -- it'd be pretty tough to get our Treos retrofitted with anything WiFi.

    Oh well. Thanks for the confirmation on that!

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    Seems like (at least for my location that the places you can use it are only at starbucks locations. There's this "project" going on that gives you free Wireless internet access. People who don't use it during the day (cause they're working) set up these antennas so that people who are in the area can get wireless access for free.

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