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    another successful GPRS upgrade. I live in south Florida and was successfully able to upgrade. Everything on the phone and PDA works, and i am very happy with the new speaker phone features. I have T-mobile and have not tried the GPRS part of the phone i need to call t-mobile to turn it on, but am not sure if it is worth $20/month. Can any one explain the number of mbs/sec and around how much serfing actually costs?
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    I have no info on the actual speed, but have heard from others on the board here that it's fast, but not NEARLY as fast as a DSL line at home. Someone said it was "speedy but a bit disappointing"... not as fast as they had hoped or expected.

    As far as how fast the megs go... several (self-proclaimed 'heavy') users said they had gone through a majority of their 5 meg allotment before the month was over.

    But you can do some calculations on your own. Look at the e-mail you currently get and send. Is it averaging around 2K a message? How many messages do you get and send a day on your Treo now, or how many would you like to when you get GPRS? Add it up, and that'll give you an idea how much bandwidth you'll burn through just with e-mail.

    I've heard from others that 16K per Web page is a good average to plan by, so it's clear to me that surfing Web pages would eat your allotment VERY fast!


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