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    I'm a T-Mobile customer in the Boston area. Just upgraded my 180 to GPRS, which went fine. I'm able to send/recv emails, use Blazer, web clipping apps. Speed is definitely faster than the GSM CSD service. Very nice.

    However, I've noticed that frequently the GPRS connection silently goes away. Not when I'm using it for browsing or downloading email, just frequently I open up the lid and don't see the connected triangle or blinking icon in the upper right. I can reconnect just fine. Is this a timeout issue or maybe a cell handoff problem? I can't seem to find any timeout settings in the Network Services screens.

    Also, I have checked the "Connect to data network whenever wireless mode is powered on" option, but it does not seem to work. I turn wireless mode off and then on, but still need to connect to the GPRS network manually.

    Finally, using TreoMail, if I do a manual send/recv messages with the network disconnected, it seems to connect and then disconnect after syncing messages. I can't find a "don't disconnect" option on it.

    Anyone else notice these problems? Combined, they sort of dilute the "always-on" benefit of GPRS, especially the first issue. Kinda sucks when you're paying (minimum) $19.95/mo. for the service.
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    I See the same problem with my 180 in Boston.

    I also see a problem where, after hours of being idley connected to GPRS (large triangle), if I then try to browse I can't get to any data. If I manually disconnect and then reconnect, I can then get to data just fine. Both problems are annoying, but the second is worse because it requires an extra step to manually disconnect.
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    I have the same exact issues with Tmobile here in DC. I've also experienced a couple of fatal exception errors when I receive a call while GPRS is connected, but not necessisarily active. I'm assuming it is one of the hacks I have, but have not yet worked on ID'ing a source.
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    I work in the Boston area and I believe it's an "idle time out issue". I commute into the city from 60 miles south everyday and I stay connected nearly the whole way. But if I don't use the service for a few hours I have to disconnect (it "says" I'm still connected) and reconnect again.

    Otherwise the GPRS is terrific. I read email all day and browse the web for hours every week on my bus commute. I've setup a web and mail proxy on my home PC to give me reliable web performance and access to my ATT Broadband email.

    Now when are we going to have that Boston Treo Owners Club meeting?


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