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    Wondering if it works, or if you guys even know about, this ROM utility that allows for backing up as well? That would definitely take the fear out of Flashing my Treo with one of the current updates....

    ...along those same lines, anyone know if this Rogers Update would work with T-Mobile? Or would it be better to use the Asian one?

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    I had no problems with JackSprat/JackFlash an a german Treo 180. I didn't restore the ROM-Backup before updating to GPRS.

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    Yeah, I used it to backup my 180 before I did the unauthorized upgrade. It gave me peace of mind that I could (and still can) revert to the original ROM, but the upgrade went off without a hitch and still seems fine.
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    I used it for my Treo 180 before the GPRS upgrade and it worked fine.

    However, I had heard that the GPRS upgrade changes the radio software that may not be part of what JackSprat is backing up.

    I'd love to hear comments on this from those who know more about this issue. Is the "radio software" part of the standard flash ROM of the Treo, or is it sitting in a seperate (flashable) chip that the GPRS upgrade modifies?

    I am preparing to receive my new 270 and I would like to know this before I perform the GPRS upgrade on it.
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    jack sprat doesnt back up the radio. i did the gprs upgrade, then experienced problems due to 3rd party software problems, as a result of which i decided to restore the old rom settings, which i managed to do pretty much flawlessly apart from the radio, which just stopped functioning completely. then i had to upgrade to the unofficial gprs back again (minus a lot of extra 3rd party software) and now i am happy with gprs. i havent dared try ringo again, cause i think that it was what caused my 1st gprs upgrade attempt to malfunction (in the sense that every time i got a call, my treo ((180g)) just froze and crashed and asked for the pin).

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