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    Hello all,

    Well I've done a bit more "field testing" with my GPRS patched Treo 180g. This involved some unsophisticated testing - that is - driving around for twenty minutes at lunchtime.

    Some comments:

    1. My local carrier here in Aust is Telstra. With my (Telstra unapproved) GPRS enabled Treo 180g at home I often have connection problems with error 40CE (also 40CD and even 40C5). If I get a connection if will frequently timeout.

    2. Jump in the car and drive around. Use GPRS within sight of a GSM base station (whilst parked of course!!!) - and it works very well - no connection problems or dropouts.

    3. Back home and the problems reoccur.

    At home the Treo signal strength meter shows four bars and voice calls work well. (Aust capital cities generally have good GSM coverage).

    The only clue I have if that an old Nokia phone shows that in my home the phone constantly hunts between three GSM cells (like many GSM carriers Telstra broadcasts the suburb name from each base station).

    This suggests a bug in the GPRS cell handover - could be the network or the Treo Wismo module... Although given the GPRS protocol complexity (eg network layers radio/LLC/IP etc) I could also be completely wrong!!!

    Lastly I note that the Telstra GPRS network is built with Ericsson equipment - as is the Rogers network in Canada.

    Are any Rogers GPRS subscribers experiencing these problems?

    Other comments? We know HS read these forums - so lets give them some feedback (which I suspect is why they released the GPRS code)...

    Lastly & on a positive note - when it works - it rocks!

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    Hi David,

    I am on Rogers network and have observed 40CE, 40C5 and 409E at different times, if you have any insights into what they mean on Telstra then please share that information.


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