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    I will be leaving September 28 for Europe - I will be in:


    I would love a prepaid SIM that provides GPRS coverage with internet access, but of course, that might be wishing for too much. I will be in London two days, Barcelona two days, and everything else one day. So, either I guess I need to see the practicality of purchasing UK, Spanish, French, and Italian SIMs separately, or seeing if there are prepaid SIMS that could be used in all of these locations at a reasonable price.

    Someone mentioned Vodafone UK in another message, but looking at the Vodafone website I can't seem to find info on prepaid cards. Does anyone have more specific info on where to look?


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    I'm about to head off from the US to Spain and Italy. I hit the Telestial web site ( and purchased 2 prepaid SIMs, one for Spain (Vodaphone) and one for Italy (TIM). Sure beats the rates Cingular wants to charge me for inbound/outbound calls. We'll see how well they work. You should also check out the 'international' SIMs to see if the deal is any better. I'll post back after my trip.

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