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    Last night my Treo 180 did a hard reset by it self and when I trying to do a Hotsync now I get a Fatal alert which says "MemoryMgr.C,Line:4340 Nullhandle" and i have to start all over but still cant hot sync.I have the GPRS installed.

    Thanks in advance
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    are you using the aim 11 prc i was getting that same fatal reset i took off my aim and it seems to be working fine. you have to do a hard reset and then hot sync
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    The last poster is correct - the AOL prc client does not play well on packet networks. You have to go get the PQA version instead and install the Palm OS 3.5 updater that adds PQA browser.
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    Hi again

    I did a hard reset but still cant Hot Sync.I called Handspring and they told me my fatal alert means that im out of memory.Funny after the hard reset i got over 15mb free .Anyway they told me their sending a replacement.Does anyone know if u get a new Treo 180 or an old fixed one?

    Grettings from Sweden
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    I have not done the GPRS upgrade yet, waiting on the official release for the US, but have had very good experience using "QuickChat" as a replacement app for AOHell AIM.

    Quick Chat uses the SMS capability of the Handspring VisorPhone or Treo and the AIM Wireless service from an authorized carrier, such as VoiceStream or AT&T, to provide chat capability without requiring a data connection.

    I found it on PalmGear and registered it after a couple of days as it worked great.
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    Thank U Handspring.
    I only had to wait 3 working days to get my replacement from the Netherlands.Great support.
    Now everything is back and working perfect.
    Just dont know what to do whit the GPRS service,sure its fun to check your email whenever u want to but its gotta to be more.
    Im not so happy whit the Internet experience using Blazer.
    What do the rest of u Treopeople use the GPRS for?
    In Sweden the price is about 7Euro inc 2Mb a month and its a pretty decent price for the GPRS service.

    Greetings from Sweden

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