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    has anybody figured out how to get wireless internet (not gprs) to work on voicestream/t-mobile?

    when i dial-up the local dial-in number (nyc), it kicks me out, probably because i do not have the right script. does anybody have this script?

    does anybody know when voicestream/t-mobile will start offering gprs? how much it will cost? how to configure it?

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    For two months I had miserable luck with getting dial-up data connection to work correctly (connected 1 out of 15 times on average and usually only in 2-3 spots around the city).

    I tried all support options from Handspring, t-mobile, and earthlink and had no improvement.

    Last week, I screwed around with some settings and -voila- I now connect 99% of the time, even in "1-bar" signal areas.

    LIFE IS GOOD! I'm now in no hurry for GPRS,as I've got a great dial-up plan w/ 3000 minutes for $50.

    Anyway, can't guarantee that my setting changes were the solution, but it seemed that way. Here they are for you to try....

    Under PREFS--> NETWORK
    Connection type: PPP
    Idle timeout: 3 minutes
    Query DNS: [checked]
    IP Address: automatic [checked]

    Wireless Modem
    Connection Method: wireless modem to modem
    Dialing: Touchtone
    Volume: High

    speed: 14,400
    flow ctl: automatic
    Init String: AT+CBST=0,0,1:

    I know some of those settings should be irrelevant, but I'm just providing exactly what is working VERY well for me now. These settings (network) are different from what Earthlink has posted on its site. Not sure if/how they differ from the Treo Configuration Wizard...

    Good Luck!
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    thanks for the info - yes, this works fine for me (felipe had suggested the same settings you indicate).

    best regards.
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    Hey Treofan,

    A couple of months ago, I upgraded from my Visor Prism/Visorphone combo to a Treo 180. I live in Atlanta and also use TMobile. What kind of cell phone service do you find in Atlanta with TMobile? I'm struggling!! It seemed fine at first, but now the signal goes in and out so much I can't make a call without it dropping. I'm usually on 285 or inside - can't see how this can be the case. I'm wondering if I have problems with the Treo??

    Do you find that you have good cell phone signal?

    (By the way, I use dial up also for Internet connection and connect no problem - when I can get a cell signal.)
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    I use my treo 270 all around atlanta. I am a realtor and communication is key. I have almost no problem with reception. I also understand that the 600 has 1 additional bar of reception almost everywhere because of the new components in the device that increase the signal strength. The 600 will be amazing!

    If you use tmobile, consider upgrading and don't be ashamed to ask for a special incentive to upgrade. My dad did this and he got upgraded from 180 to 270 for $310 minus $100 credit on his tmobile bill. $210 for the 270 not bad, but wait a month and maybe more~!

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