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    Having just received my 270 today, and struggled with getting WAP working, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I can confirm that the upgrade works seamlessly on th O2 network (but have active GPRS first). Indeed, this is being written with the trio.

    If someone can fix the Poll link, I'd be a very positive YES.
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    Can you quickly post your working procedure please ? I have tried same on O2 Treo 270 using the Singtel patch and carrier file, but the rom update freezes on the "second" update screen. Radio is now dead, despite repeated attempts.

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    Hi John

    As it was a completely new machine, I had no data on it of any value, however, I did a hard reset and simply followed the instructions on the site.

    I can't think of anything special that I completed. I know I made sure my internet connection was on and connected, otherwise, I'm afraid I can't help. Sorry :-(


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