I just want to know if there is any need to download and install Palm OS software wirelessly using your Treo. Right now this posibillity described below might be more comfortable for German users, but it should be possible to do a wireless download site in English.

Please post if there is any need or if you have additional ideas. It works perfectly with Blazer and the Treo.


There is a German Palm OS software and information site, called pdassi.de. This site offers a webclipping application which allows to download and install software wirelessly. The webclipping package contains two programs. First the .pqa and a .prc called Downloader. The "Downloader" takes care of downloading and installing other .prc files (from pdassi) to the device. It works perfectly with Blazer and the Treo. You don't need the .pqa-File.

Here is what to do:

1. Go to pdassi.de and download the webclipping WCA:

Install the .prc file on your Treo. Tap on it. The .prc file is an archive and it will extract the pqa and the downloader prc after tapping "start".

When the two files are extracted, you'll see the pdataxi icon on your launcher. Since this is a webclipping application you won't normally be able to start it. Open Blazer and go to this URL:


You will see the link "Direkt Download" (engl. direct downlad). Tap on it to get a list of downloadable software titles. Tap on the Palm symbol to download it and install the title on your treo. Blazer will automatically start the Downloader.

On the top of the direct download page you will see a list of different software categories. Currently are several hundred titles available for direct download. At the bottom of the page you see with "Weiter" a link which brings you to next page. Weiter is similar to "Next" in English.

I think its very cool and impressive to download and install software just on the go. If there is enough request it might be possible to create an English version of this mobile download website.

Have fun and try it! But please let me know if there is any interest in enhacing this for Treo users or the English market. I'm open for your ideas.