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    With IM3. Yay!
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    How did you set it up? Any problems? Is it fast? Did you use a dail-up before? What is the comparison?

    Tell me more.
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    I was using Satelindo before (dial up). Transition to IM3 was painless. It automatically connected me to GPRS. Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the speed and coverage of the service. I was expecting faster internet speed but it is about the same as dial up. But it is still FREE! So I cannot complain.

    Coverage is not the best, but if there is no coverage, you are automatically be roaming using Satelindo without extra cost unless outside the city you are registered in.

    Email me if you have any specific question. Cheers!
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    I heard the support people here have the 1.0 and will do the upgrade, but maybe I'll wait for the 1.1, since it is already available in HK, it should be here in a few days. I'll chicken out and get the support people to do it for me. I only need to go to Roxy Mas and wait one hour!
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    Did the 1.1 update this AM. Have been using it all day. so far as I can tell, this is why I bought a Treo. Browsing works well and the always on is very nice. Since IM3 service is free for GPRS, it is much better than my old dial up. I am very happy!

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