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    Please note:

    DO NOT perform the Treo upgrade until it has been released by your Carrier.
    DO NOT expect to return your unit, if the Upgrade has failed, and your hardware is malfunctional, if your Carrier has not released the upgrade to you.
    DO NOT expect the same level of connectivity for GPRS, as on CSD. It is a different connection method, and additional security requirements on the server-side will be required.......
    DO NOT expect there will be no controls on this data, and you suddenly find out your data plan has been temporarily disabled.
    DO NOT expect to receive free technical support on the GPRS upgrade, any connectivity issues, or general questions, past your first GPRS-related call to support.

    Careful guys... I have a baaaad feeling about how the GPRS patch has been 'released' and publically encouraged to break licensing agreements by
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    Are you saying that the connection method will change once Rogers officially releases the GPRS update? If not, then why do we have to do anything if we already have GPRS working?

    Also, I was never expecting Rogers or Handspring to give me any help at all if I had problems with the update. Obviously.

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