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    Well I've got GPRS up and running now but when I try to use Blazer it stalls on "Registering" after having succeeded with "Connecting". After a while it times out. The GPRS connection is working as I'm submitting this using EudoraWEB. Does anybody know what is wrong?

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm happily using Xiino through a public proxy, but Blazer simply refuses to work. It seems to have a major problem with proxies. I tried my dialup, which has always worked fine without a proxy, but if I try to use the proxy even on dialup it fails. So, I can only surmise that Blazer doesn't really play well using a proxy.

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    I have GPRS active and I can't connect using Blazer. Do I need to change the settings of Blazer?
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    Just a quick update, all other internet apps work, Blazer does nothing. I'm not using a proxy.

    Doesn't work in dialup mode either!

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    it works.

    Just kept on trying.

    After it managed to get through the registering it all works again.

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    Blazer has never worked well for me. That was even with the old GSM dialup as well as GPRS.

    Xiino works great.

    I wonder if it's the Blazer servers being overloaded.

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    I'm using Xiion and it's very good. When I was using Blazer, it always freeze and time out all the time.

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