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    Just curious.

    As of a few weeks ago, I've been unable to connect to my dial-up ISPs... I've also found that I /can/ connect to VoiceStream ISDN, as long as it's not during 'normal business hours' (about 10am to ??pm Mon-Fri)... I would SOOO love to have 'always on' GPRS, but I don't like the idea of 'hacking' my Treo to have GPRS work (tho I could easily be influenced if enough people were successful with it in my area (1?)) ;P


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    I've just recently upgrade two Treo's to GPRS using VoiceStream as the provider. The upgrades went well and I didn't encounter any major problems.

    The only nuisance I have to report right now is that the GPRS connection doesn't seems to get dropped when moving between cells in the VoiceStream network. For example, if I connect to GPRS at work and leave it connected throughout the day, it works fine. I'm assuming that this is because I'm in the same cell all day and using the same tower.

    As soon as I go home, the GPRS connection seems to be established (correct icon in the signal meter area and network prefs says connected). However when I goto use any app, it times out. At this point, I have to disconnect and re-connect and everything is fine. I'm guessing this is because the GPRS patch was originally made for providers in Asia Pacific and they might use different GPRS roaming algorithms.

    In any case, I'd definitely recommend the upgrade. I was going to wait until a v1.1 of the GPRS patch is out, but I just couldn't resist.

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