Well I took the plunge, ran the GPRS upgrade and added 5mb of T-Mobile internet access and (yeah) it worked.

I have one question though. Unlike dialing an ISP it seems after I connect to the network with GPRS I can still recieve and make phone calls and even switch my Treo on and off (not the radio but the PDA) while "maintaining" my connection.

While this is cool I'm wondering if it wll affect battery life, and/or affect my 5mb limit (shouldn't cause it's not downloading anything right?).

This is really cool!

If battery life isn't impacted by maintaining the connection why not leave it on? Will it eventually time-out?

Obviously I'm going to have to play around with this over tha next few days.

Good luck to all who dare try and thanks to those that ventured before me and led the way (good how-to on TreoCentral).