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    Any idea or news from handspring on how to solve the
    radio problem after the GPRS upgrade. My phone is
    not working at all. If I try to reinstall di update the connection
    with the radio device fails.

    I know it was predicted by handspring. The advised it could
    be dangerous... ok do they have a solution?

    Should I trow away my treo and buy a new one?

    Please if anybody has a solution help me. Thanks.
    ciao marco
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    Some people who had this problem were able to recover using a backup ROM image and a program called ResetRadio.prc. Search this site for ResetRadio.prc and look at the GPRS & Data Connections topic for threads about the same problem.

    Good luck.
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    Where can I find a backup ROM image.
    BTW I had problem also to find the ResetRadio.prc file.
    Can somebody help me.
    ciao marco

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