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    I installed GPRS patch for my french Tréo 270 this morning and everything works fine, zero problem. Very easy installation indeed, all settings are automatically made, wonderful!
    My GSM carrier is SFR.
    To be carefull, I think it is better to get your GPRS subscription plan BEFORE you install the upgrade. I think it is the best way to avoid troubles.
    Just don't forget to run CurrentCarrier.pdb and sync it before you run the GPRS_upgrade.exe
    During the install process, you get a dialog box which asks you User name and Password: ignore it and go next, you do not need it for SFR.
    So, for those who may need it, once GPRS upgrade installed on my Treo, SFR GPRS settings display as follows in Tréo réseau / prprpré$f$é$rences$:
    - Connexion: GPRS
    - Nom d'utilisateur: none
    - Mot passe: -Affecté-
    - APN: websfr
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