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    Has anyone figured out how to do the upgrade on a Mac? Seems like the files are in an executable for Wintel users only.
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    I have, although I still needed access to a Windows machine to extract the required files. The Windows .EXE is simply a wizard -- you should be able to manage even without it.

    OK, here's what I did: borrowed a friend's Windows PC for a few mintues to run the upgrade, w/c extracts the upgrade files. I don't remember exactly when it extracts the files so you can quit the upgrade -- I think when it asks you to hit the HotSync button, the files should've been extracted and so it's safe to cancel the update. Now that I think of it, though, I think I had to install the Treo desktop as well but my memory's kinda fuzzy on that. In any event, you'll need the Carrier*, GPRS*, and ROM_Updater* files. Get those somehow into your Mac, maybe across a network, or on a CD-R or ZIP. Total file size is around 6MB. Drag 'em all to your Install Tool, then HotSync. I think you'll need to reset. After that, go into Prefs > Network, and check the connections available.

    Regards, and enjoy.
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    I don't have access to a pc, and would love to install the GPRS update. Could some one please email me the upgade files contained in the .exe file?




    Thanks in advance!
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    Have to check, not sure the license agreement allows that.

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    If you feel comfortable emailing 'em that would be great- if not I understand....

    I now have the update - thank you to all who helped - works great!
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