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    This is Cewl! It really works in Sweden to! But i was nervous when installing the patch when came in to this forum and read about all the failures about the GPRS installation. Thanks for all the advises in this Forum!
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    Hur fick du till det?
    Jag får bara ett avslut under installationen om att de inte kan hitta några GPRS drivrutiner i mitt område.Jag har Vodaphone och GPRS abbonemang.Tacksam för hjäjp
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    You have follow the instructions in this new item:
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    Thx Marcus
    It worked although my "Today" application stopped to work(fatal error 403" but its worth it for the GPRS service!

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    I don't get the last step...
    What am I supposed to have in 'Preferences'-'Network'.

    I got a new entry called 'Drutt'. Am I supposed to modify that?
    In that case, what should I enter?
    Service: Does it matter what I enter here?
    Connection: GPRS (I assume)
    User Name: ?
    Password: ?
    APN: ?

    I am using Vodafone Sweden

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    Just for information:
    I redid the entire installation one more time,
    and this time everything worked just fine!

    No manual configuration was needed.
    Another alternative could be that there
    was something wrong with the GPRS-service
    when I did the first installation.

    Anyway: Everything works just fine!
    Personally I feel that the installation program
    could give a little more information. Sometimes
    the Treo resets itself when without it being
    mentioned in the installation program. Maybe
    that's part of the 'first version problem'.


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