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    Ok, After some time of figuring things out on my own I finally got things working.

    For those of you still having trouble.

    Update as instructed on this board.
    No need for username
    No need for password
    No need for apn

    Blazer: Use proxy -
    Port Address: 9666

    Contact Voicestream. They have several data subscriptions.

    For the treo you will need the internet data that is $19.95 per month for 5 mb.

    I initially had the $2.99 per month but this will not allow you to connect.

    You can set up your pop servers to receive email from your provider.

    If you have any questions please email me and I will be glad to help.

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention... Please register and donate if you can to the proxy server owner. I'm not affiliated with this site but I feel he is probably getting more traffic now that this is out.
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    Have you been able to connect using the "T-Mobile" APN profile or just with the "T-Mobile VPN" profile? I have only had success with the later.
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    I connect with the apn. Voicestream offers two different 19.95 upgrades. One is apn and the other is vpn. Give them a call.
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    Thanks. I didn't know that there were two diffferent options. I verified with T-Mobile that I have the VPN service but have not been able to find out what the difference is between the two. Can you enlighten us?
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    i posted this one tree up but - since your thread is voicestream related - i'm posting here as well:

    i am new here and not nearly as knowledgable about the treo 270 as you all are, so i would greatly appreciate any guidance you can give to a few unrelated questions below (apologies if these questions have been answered previously elsewhere - feel free to point me towards the right thread):

    i live in new york city, have a treo 270 and voicestream/t-mobile is my mobile carrier. separately, on my pc at home, i access the internet via road runner (time warner cable), where i have several email accounts (road runner, yahoo, etc.).

    i want to be able to access the internet and email (roadrunner and yahoo accounts) on my treo. in speaking with both voicestream/t-mobile, road runner and handspring, they were all surprisingly clueless as to how to allow me to do this. here's what i've done so far:

    - under prefs, config'd my "network" to wireless modem and plugged in my username and password.
    - i've also plugged in one of several dial-up numbers that road runner offers to people (numbes which support 9600 baud)

    BUT when i try to connect it says "dialing" and then "signing on" but then it says "error: please check your username and pword and try again. (0x1233)"

    - what am i doing wrong? i know my username and pword is correct. roadrunner and handspring told me that i may need to load a script that specifically get road runner to work with the treo (since road runner only officially supports win ce, not palm) - is this true? where can i find this script?

    - i currently pay $2.99 a month to receive data from voicestream/t-mobile? is this the right plan or do i need to pay for some other plan? (i read elsewhere on this board that users need to pay about $20 to get on a different data plan)

    - should i bypass the dial-up idea and instead download this GPRS patch? is it safe to do this at this point or should i wait? where do i obtain the patch and installation instructions?

    - what is the best way to manage several different email accounts (i.e. road runner, yahoo) on my treo such that a copy of the original email is always saved at the isp or on my pc (i use outlook to connect to yahoo)?

    one of the features i really liked about my palm vx was being able to set "dragging the stylus up across the screen" as the short-cut for turning off and locking my palm. that functionality does not appear to be included in the treo's palm os. is there a way to allow me to do this? if not, what could be substituted as a short-cut to allow me to do this?

    thank you very much for your help. please feel free to reply to this thread or to email me attachments at my email address:

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    First, welcome to treocentral.

    Second, The gprs patch is totally up to you. I'm waiting until it is official. But, I'm a fraddy cat. :-)

    To connect to the internet with your 270, you need an ISP (which you have in road runner). You shouldn't have to pay that 2.99 charge though. I don't and connect to voicestream, att and road runner (NYC).

    After you have an ISP, you need the correct settings to connect to it. If you were to do a search on this board and for road runner you should find the correct settings. But since you are from NYC you are probably in a rush so here are my settings:

    First, Lets set up your Connection method.

    Under Preferences, Select Connection from the drop down.

    Create a new one or edit an old one.

    Name: Whatever you want
    Connection Method:Wireless Modem to Modem
    Dialing: TouchTone
    Volume: whatever.

    Click details:

    Speed: 14,000
    Country: United States
    Flow Ctl: Automatic
    Init String: AT+CBST=0,0,1;

    oK, oK

    Now to the Network configuration.

    Service: What ever
    User name:
    Connection: whatever you named the connection above.
    phone: 12123810005

    Click details

    Connection type: ppp
    idle timeout: 3 minutes
    Query DNS: Check
    Ip Address: check

    Click script (this is important)

    send CR:
    send: aolnet/ent. <---- this is very important. dont forget the period
    send cr:
    send user id:
    send cr:
    send cr:
    send password:
    send cr:
    send cr:
    send: PPP
    Send cr:

    tap ok, ok

    Test it and tap connect:
    When the 270 starts to connect, press the down button key, it should show u the speed u connect at and show u the steps on how it connects.

    Hopefully the above works for you. It does for me.

    You may also want to do a search on this board for VOICESTREAM ISDN. If you get road runner to work, don't bother.

    Now to email.

    get the free email program called Eudora for palm. It if a great program, but if you run into problems it isn't supported.

    If you want to do more like get attachments, wait for snappermail before you purchase one that is available now. It should be out shortly.

    Using eudora, just set it up to get and send email by putting the correct servers in the correct fields. One last thing, no matter what email program you use, look for a setting to leave the messages on the server. you will then be able get the email from your PC.

    I don't use the lock feature, but I know of a couple of desktop enhancements (like Launch em) that will do the same thing with a tap.
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    you are a godsend - internet now works! your settings worked perfectly. thank you for your help.

    i will now do a search for eudora and load that up to get my email working as well. will let you know if i run into major difficulties.

    thanks again,
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    btw, i got eudora mail hooked-up and it works great - thanks for the tips, felipe!

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