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    Originally posted by Kanuck
    I never thought this day would come. Am posting this from my Treo on Rogers network. Sweet.

    Why am I an ***** then for waiting till Tuesday for the official release? By the way, is your Treo a 270 or 180?
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    Originally posted by silverado

    $5/month for 150KB?? Is this supposed to be a good deal? This could all be sucked up by a few web sites. Just as a reference point, I used 0.8MB on my first day with GPRS
    No it's a bad deal. I was only giving an option for jayc who commented that the data plans are quite expensive.
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    I installed the free Eudora suite for Palm (just the e-mail app) and it works great! Keep on surfing....
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    My Treo is a 180, although the upgrade seems to work with 270s also. I don't think you are an ***** if you choose to wait for the official upgrade. We early adopters tend to put ourselves through a lot of grief by jumping the gun. I had to install the update twice before it worked, then spend much time on the phone with Rogers to get them to set up my account correctly.

    Now my SMS messaging no longer works for some reason, but who cares.
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