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    I'm more confused than ever now. Sigh.

    I think I'll just enjoy things while they work for now. Hope the final version of the updater brings true reliability.
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    Well **ALMOST** everything works. I am having trouble with Corsoft. I looks like it is working, but after the GPRS upgrade, it does seem to ever find any messages. No error messages or anything else...

    ...any thoughts? I am using the alternate proxy server.
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    jderrico, sorry I can't help directly, although I've gathered from here that it is at the Handspring site. I went to it yesterday and it warns you that it cannot be unistalled, so I figured I'm not ready for that -yet. But, I'm the other Comcast guy and I'm back on an earlier thread now that I have my Treo: do I need/do you have a data package to run One-touch? First, I couldn't load the program because the configuration routine insisted on an ISP. Then I got through that by giving it a non-dial-up Comcast number. But now it won't work and I suspect that I need a data package. My email retrieval needs are rather limited -perhaps only a few times a week and a handful of emails, so I'm seeking a minimalist solution. Also, does this GPRS change all of this? Finally, how about starting an Ann Arbor Treo users group of some kind? Thanks!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Antone figured out yet how to access in the U.S. (T-Mobile) on the $2.99/ month plan? I estimate that I am probably in the 2-3 MB/ per month usage rate and would rather use the 1MB plan and pay more on an as needed basis (e.g., extra 1MB = $5) than pont up for the whole 5MB at one and never use it all.

    Any help would be appreciated. Voicestream claims that the 1MB is only for small phones but I know people in other countries who have a 1mb plan and it works fine. I figure someone here is smart enough to figure it out.
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    It took some work, but I now have the GPRS working on T-Mobile service in Atlanta. VERY HAPPY!! You must have the 20 dollar a month T-Mobile Internet Service plan, it does not work with the 2.99 T-Zone plan.

    I am using the proxy server, but everything else is just great. The OS improvements are excellent as well. Now a MUTE button and better speakerphone (much needed).

    Stick with the guide from this site and you too can get it to work.
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    When the GPRS update is officially released in the U.S., maybe many of us could politely urge T-Mobile to make GPRS available on a pay-as-you-go plan or at least the $2.99 plan?

    At least speaking for myself, I'd rather not plunk down $20 to try this service out.

    - Adam
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    Hey guys,

    I'm in ATL and I went with the 'Internet' plan too. I got the GPRS connection (VPN) working but Blazer doesn't work for me very well at all. I could only get to a couple of sites, the default doesn't even come up.

    I have two more pressing issues though. Overall coverage from a cellular perspective seems to be way down. I drop off coverage completely now at least several times a day. It's terrible. Anyone else with that problem?

    When I switched to GPRS I also upgraded my service plan to nationwide so I'm not sure if that made any difference.
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    Regarding access with the 2.99 plan, read this:

    Doesn't look like it's possible. Pretty sucky.
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    I keep hearing people saying, "the 2.99 plan does not work on the Treo", at least on stuff that's not WAP. I would imagine that the same holds true for T-Zones Pro - the 10M version? I'm currently on the 1M/300, but barely even using it, and not even keeping it 'always on', I've gone thru .2 of that 1M already...

    Sucks that my gf just got the Sidekick, and she gets unlimited data - definitely makes me envious.

    Sure would be nice if I could pay $10 a month for that T-Zones Pro.. I don't see myself going thru more than 10M a month, but I hate the thought of paying so much for the T-Mobile Internet plans... =(

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    Originally posted by Simman
    I have mune set to download frequenlty. With GPRS, unlike dial up data, being charged by the MB means you can check email as frequently as you want. You are not charged for the connection time, only the bits transmitted.

    So, set it back to 5 minute checking. It will not cost you any more.
    doesn't just the mail check cause some data to transfer? you'd be shocked at how fast I went through a few MBs.
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    Originally posted by bananachunks
    Sucks that my gf just got the Sidekick, and she gets unlimited data - definitely makes me envious.
    Just take it away from her.
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    Hah - if I hadn't come to rely on the geek-factor in everything I can do with the Treo, I'd get one myself... ...but it does make me weeesh that GPRS on the Treo would get with it, as well as software to take advantage of it...

    She actually gets multi-tasking on the Sidekick, when browsing the web, while on the phone (ear bud), she'll get alerts if someone AIMs here, etc, etc...

    Just a very nice implementation of what an 'always on' machine should be... Hope the Treos and other such products can keep up with the Sidekick and all of it's cousins that will be coming out and about in the near future...

    Geo how bout that T-Zones Plus?
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    Just got off the phone with TM. Tech told me that T-Zones Pro is a go. Said the $2.99 plan is the only one that is WAP only. The $9.99 is 10M, $10 each after, and comes with a free 1M (WAP only) for right now... Little irritating: I asked about the free month for 9.99 startup, and he said nope. I was also told that my 600GetMore does not have the option for TMobile to TMobile plan addons - rediculous!


    ps - still waiting for the T-Zones to kick in, so I don't know for sure yet...
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