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    For reference, I have just successfully updated my Treo 270 with the GPRS patch and connected to 'Vodafone Aus'.

    Rates start at $0.02 / Kb with no plan. If you have an ABN, their are cheaper plans in the business section of the web site. See link below.

    They charge in 25Kb blocks (rounded up of course!!) per session. A session appears to be the between connect and disconnect which I am yet to understand if the phone is connected all the time, but presumably occurs if you reset your phone, turn wireless off and on etc.

    To get signed up call 1555 from your mobile or 1300-650410. Their tech support can be reached on 1300-301030, although their should be no real need unless you just need info.

    I couldn't get much info on any security that Vodafone 'provide', but the support guy I spoke believed that their was Network Address Translation occuring between the phones and the Internet. Does anyone have anymore info on how vulnerable Treo's might be connected to the web all the time?

    My upgrade experience was untraumatic despite the amount of nail-biting I did over my expensive little friend!! After running the .EXE on my PC it looked for 'Vodafone Aus' in it's local db and couldn't find it. It then asked to go out to the Internet to see if it could find more info on 'Vodafone Aus'. This took a while but was successful. The upgrade ran exactly as the screen prompted. I didn't need to do any configuration on the Treo, it just worked.

    I took the advise of other posts and backed up my ROM with JackSprat - - but whilst this gave me piece of mind for $7.95, I didn't need it at the end of the day.

    Once upgraded my network section now offers the following four services;
    DiGi Internet (GPRS)
    Vodafone Internet (GPRS)
    Vodefone Internet (GPRS)
    Vodafone WAP (GPRS)
    I have no idea what the differences are between them. Only that my Treo default to the third one and it worked!!

    I received a phone call which stopped me browsing the web, well to new sites at least, but didn't appear to drop my connection.

    Good luck to all. I'm very happy so far.
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