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    Installed the GPRS upgrade as per the tech notes on this site and all is well. The unit immediately received the updates from Orange and I was able to connect using my default GPRS connection immediately without changing any settings!

    Very pleased!
    Paul Upton
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    There seem to have been several tech notes.
    Did you backup your ROM, perform a hard reset or just deleted enough apps to make room for 6.5 MB.

    I am on Orange but am terrified to **** up the falsh rom process!

    Can you pls give me the full details?


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    I had enough space on my Treo to hold the temporary files so basically went for it.

    The orange GPRS setup was auto downloaded via the network without any form of intervention on my part. I found the Treo 270 easier to get going with GPRS than I do using my Orange Ericsson T68.

    The upgrade path was so simple that there is not too much to say. I dont unsterdand why some people have had problems as my upgrade just went on and that was that...

    Paul Upton
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    Refused to upgrade as said O2 and Orange does not support GPRS!
    Have downloaded currentcarrier.pdb and currently flash at 60% and counting.

    Did you use the the exact same GPRS settings in Network as you used to connect to your T68?
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    St start with, my orange account was already gprs enabled before I ran the patch....

    What I did was download the patch and the little patch to fool the unit into installing even though we're not in Asia. I copied the small patch in to my hotsync foder and ran the upgrade patch.

    Once complete, the unit rebooted and automatically provisioned the GPRS setting from Orange as soon as it came online. I have done nothing to my network settings including change the dial order. It just worked!

    A very easy process. I have since tested many email applications for the Treo as I connect to an Exchange 2000 server remotely to collect & send email. Have tested the following:-


    Mailer is the simplest and works the best. The others seem to work well and then trip up slightly and you end up with a mailbox thats out of sync.

    With GPRS enabled, I just press my email button on my pda, it opens up the mailer app, I press it again and it automatically collects my email without dialling as the unit is permanently on...

    Very impresed....

    Paul Upton
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    Up and running too. Very nice (was waiting for treo to be GPRSed so that i can use up my monthly allowance).
    Which email best for attachments? I use multimail pro but its attachment viewer is a bit ropey at best. I use blazer to ggo onto the Orange Mail WAP site to delete unwanted emails off the server (did not want to trust multimail with this due to the above).

    Dataviz has a free beta called Inbox to Go but unfortuately I only have Docs TG 3.x so its not compatible.

    Have you noticed the other bug fixes?

    1. Speed-dial now reads voicemail number from SIM (it used to play merry hell when I swapped Voda/O2/Orange round).

    2. Phone Info now reads mobile no from SIM card.
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    How can you get your Exchange e-mail with Mailer ?
    I just checked the Mailer 1.4 description and it looks like a pop3 client only.
    TreoFrance , la première communauté francophone entièrement dédiée au Treo
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    Exchange supports Pop3, Imap4 so as long as the pop3 services are running, the user accounts are pop3 enabled and your firewall allows port 110 through then your off...

    I have tried loads of imap4 mail applications as this is petter than pop3 but they all seem to fall over at some point and cause problems so Mailer or Eudora mail are the best although eudora has an annoying habbit of capitalising the text when it should not..

    Paul Upton
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    I was glad to see your note Paul, but i didnt have your luck in getting conntect. i downloaded he updates etc perfectly, however I cannot connect to Orange gprs.

    Maybe u could tell me what settings i need? I would be most grateful.

    I keep getting an error message saying incorrect APN

    Can u help?
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    I have now passed my 270 onto another owner so I cant remember exactly what I did but if your problem is APN related, you should try using the settings below.

    Orange fax & date were willing to help so you could try giving them a call on 156.... or 07973 100156 from a land line....

    Good luck...


    APN = orangeinternet
    user id = orangeinternet
    password = multimedia
    Paul Upton
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    Oh thanks paul, i have got it sorted now, despite it taking me over 4 hours of surfing for info and tweeking. The settings are as you said, but with a slight difference in the APN for orange pay and go. For future reference for orange pay&go users who wish to use GPRS the settings are as follows:

    User name: Orange
    Password: Multimedia
    APN: payginternet

    I also had to set up a new connection

    Connection: Gprs
    Speed 115,200 bps
    flowcontrol: Automatic
    Init String:at+cgdcont=1,"lP","",,0,0

    I phoned orange and they were next to useless,( they sent me to go and ask in a mobile phone shop) so thanks to sites like these, I have now got gprs up and running, and it works a treat! no more having to constantly dial up to get email, etc.
    thanks for your help Paul, much appreciated

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