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    I'm a Belgian Treo user since the very beginning. Now I've installed the GPRS Patch, and after getting the GPRS parameters from my ISP (Proximus), everything works fine and fast!!

    What I've noticed is that in Blazer you can now edit fields in a HTML page without a pop-up window. The version says 2.1.2 build 56.

    I'm now looking for a mail client program which automaticly checks for new mail and gives a notification if so.
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    That is the first I've seen of an updated Blazer coming with the update. Pretty cool. I'm gradually coming around to the idea of updating my Treo even though I don't really want GPRS. The other added features sound cool.
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    Stanne, great !
    I also live in Belgium with proximus as operator.
    Thanks for the feedback
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    I take it this is the original patch, not the 1.1 upgrade? Anyone try this one with belgian operator Proximus? I'm a bit worried about the Handspring warning:

    If you install an unauthorized version of the Treo GPRS Upgrade on your communicator, you will not be able to re-install the original ROM, and you will void your warranty.
    Anyone check with Proximus on this, since Handspring seems to say it's the operator's responsability if the upgrade goes wrong ?!?

    I'm going to Proximus' wesite now and do some reading on GPRS. Never used it so I need to be catching up.
    By the way, is GPRS worth the money? (25/month including 10 MB ul+dl)

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    Both GPRS patches (1.0 and 1.1) work well with Proximus!

    GPRS is worth buying if you're frequently browse the web and/or want to use e-mail on your Treo.

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