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    OK looking for some help please!!!!!!

    I got the patch installed, and everything went smoothly.

    But when it was installed and i looked in the network tab...

    I just had one connection which was locked and wouldnt connect.

    so i made a new connection, and left everything as default in the new connection including username password and apn all blank as default.

    it connects fine....but i cant get any data at all, it simply doesnt allow me to send or receive data...

    my account is FOR SURE GPRS enabled because i use my blackberry 5810 on the same SIM card, and it uses GPRS....

    im guessing i either need a username or password or an APN for the ROGERS ATT network in CANADA...

    i tried setting the apn as PROXY
    as per a post i read...but that didnt work cannot connect when i put that in.....

    can anyone help me connect? maybe someone has some network i have to specify dns or ip? and where would i find this out? or is there some apn i need to use specific to rogers att in canada...

    please help me out if anyone can!!! im so eager to get this working online!!using GPRS!!!

    thanks in advance!
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    Please advise the web site to get this patch file.
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    Click on the search link above and do a search for GPRS. Better yetr, read the last two news item on the main page.

    Originally posted by ec347484
    Please advise the web site to get this patch file.

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