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    I'm in SF as well and it sounds like I'm having the exact same problems you are. If I try to use the DNS's then I get the initalizing then time out errors. If I leave them out then it says signing on for a while then nothing and it says GPRS error.

    I called Cingular today in order to have the account reset to see if that makes a luck...the tech did however say that I should go to a Cingular store and try to get something call a "Synch Disc". They are typically sold with a GPRS phone. They might be tricky to find because they are in short supply.

    Let me know if you can track one down...i didn't see it on the Cingular Site.

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    Im in SF as well with all the same problems.
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    I've got the shotgun in my mouth with my toe on the trigger.

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    I'm in Los Angeles and have the same problem. Life's harsh.
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    Today, Blazer stopped working with my GPRS connection. I had the Query DNS box checked before, but that is what stopped working.

    I switched my DNS settings to the same one's Steve (ShockSSL) recommended and everything is back up and running.

    Use the settings Steve gave (at least in the Eastern US).
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