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    installed the patch, no problems. Treo is in fine health. got the extra features. turned on the service from voicestream. Blazer logs on very fast. But then would not allow me to go to any of my bookmarks or home page. Any ideas? I can easily switch back and forth from dial up to gprs. dial up works, gprs - nothing.

    P.S. the tech at Voicestream told me "why do you want a password, your phone is not compatable" I told him that it was a brand new patch and he gave me my user name and password.
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    Could it be a proxy problem? When I was accessing the internet via data calls, I used the proxy of my ISP (since my data connection was to this ISP), but now with GPRS, I use the proxy of my GPRS provider instead...

    Funny that the tech would hesitate in providing your username and password. You need this info to log on to the GPRS network in the first place, no matter how you're accessing it...How would they have expected you to use the service otherwise?

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