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    Originally posted by mervynle
    dbrunetti let me know if you have found out the source or workaround of your problem. I had the exact same thing, hung on the same screen with the progrees bar looking like it was about 10% of the way. I left it for 3 hours to no avail. After doing the treacherous hard reset, I am in the same boat as you - no phone, only PDA.

    Anybody have any ideas?
    I would try the Treo Updater that was released a couple of months ago. I believe it added some things like better battery conservation regarding standy time. In so doing it flashed the phone radio's ROM. It possibly could fix your problem with the phone and restore it to what it was before. I think it would be worth a try.
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    Hallo Treousers,

    I'm not able to get the GPRS-Update running in Germany with Vodafone. Has anyone solved the problem ??

    Please give me a hint.

    Thx in advance.

    Walter from HMC
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    My backlight went out this morning. I am sure it is completely unrelated to the GPRS patch, but strange non-the-less. I have had my 270 since late May, so just passed the 12 week mark.
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    I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get the patch in a form other than a Windows only .exe file. I don't have access to a Windows machine. Thanks.
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    So I've got everything working following the steps in the two latest main stories on treocentral with nothing else needed.

    A few questions/points:

    Anyone knows how one is supposed to know what their data usege is at any point? How do owners of regular data-enabled phones do it? Does T-Mobile provide such information in any form (web, web through the phone itself, phone call, ...)?

    I have a Treo 180 (too bad this discussion is not in the general Treo section) and I have the blinking cursor on the upper right corner, to indicate I'm connected, that is pretty much redundant in all the apps that show the new signal strengh meter. I had heard that that cursor doesn't show in 270's. Anyone knows of a way to shut that off?

    Also, the patch gives Treo 180 users a new feature: the ability to select hyperlinks and text boxes in Blazer using the Jog Rocker and ability to type into text boxes without them popping up into a seperate windows (unless the text is too long). This was something that debuted with the 270 and 180 users didn't have until now.
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    Yay for GPRS Of couse, I've had it for a while....

    and still have not figured out how to get my IR laptop to access the GPRS data. I've got the correct APN, and the whole IR deal is correctly set up; i.e. I can access CSD Data with the laptop and the Treo and Wireless Modem.

    I've followed some internet help regarding laptops and cellular phone setups, but these are not working for me.

    CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn" (where apn is my apn name... omitted for security reasons. This apn DOES work on the Treo itself, granted)

    Any ideas? Alternatives to WirelessModem?

    hahaha... never mind. for obvious reasons, the difference between FOUR *'s and three *'s is subtle on a laptop screen. laugh at me
    GPRS on laptop using mah Treo, BAYBEEE
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